How to publish a Book- Book publishing Steps


After editing and proofreading, the process is still long for a manuscript to be transformed into a book. The author must inevitably ask himself: towards which type of edition to direct me? An interrogation that brings many others: How to have it distributed and referenced in bookshops and on the Internet? Who to call to correct the manuscript and create its cover? Even ...

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A payment card without bank verification- even 100% anonymous

A payment card without bank verification

Prohibited banking? Or can you find the procedures too complicated or hazardous to obtain a bank card (request for pay slips, etc.)? Unless you prefer a totally anonymous card? Solutions exist! The first solution is to open a bank account abroad, where your interlocutor will often be more comprehensible (an ID and proof of residence are sufficient in some countries). But this implies more ...

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The 4 Steps of Business Analysis


Business Intelligence (BI) and detailed analysis are among the latest trends in today’s business world. You are wondering why suddenly analytics has become an important subject to obtain admissible and valuable information, has existed for many years. Here is why in the past, the analysis of an abundance of information took very long and was usually done AFTER the fact (a ...

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Tableau Software Business Intelligence Tool


Tableau is a data visualization tool created by tableau software. It is business intelligence tool to blow the business. People can understand their data visually and can analyze it with great success. Tableau gives the analytics of business to the user in a few moments. After this, they can easily know the business profits and losses. So it has made ...

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Tricks for Getting more Instagram Followers- Instagram Likes

instagram followers

Instagram has about 400 million users. It is  enough to fill your subscriber quota to the maximum. And if your account has trouble to get followers, here are some tips to make your popularity grow! Use hash tags(#) that attract the people to your profile.First, those who promise a return of membership like #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, # 141 (Like for ...

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