A kit to teach children robotics

The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is trying to put on the market a game to make and program very simple robots.


In the category of smart games for children, this kit that tries to market the company meeperBOTS looks very promising. The invention is in the form of large bricks to assemble as Lego.

But some of these bricks, stuffed with electronics, are key organs of the future robots that this kit proposes to you. There is thus a real onboard computer equipped with a battery and control buttons.

The various pieces of construction that can be found in all or some of the kits. 

Credit: meeperBOTS

Other bricks are used as mechanical actuators (pivots or rotary motors), wireless antennas or even light or distance sensors.

Thus, following very simple assembly plans, it is easy to build a whole bestiary animated movements, as well as many remote controlled cars.

MeeperBOTS also has mini-solar panels and propellers for small wind turbines or mini quad copters.

The designers of the project even thought to join the Lego adapter kit to enrich the buildings with the profusion of plastic bricks already available commercially (and in many homes).

Programming by movement

The major interest of its assemblies is that they are then very easy to program. It suffices to press the “record” button of the brick that acts as a computer board and then twist the actuators as we wish to see them work later. The computer then records these movements and then reproduces them in an infinite loop.

But some meeperBOTS constructions are also controlled using a tablet via a wireless link. And the most talented children (or techno teachers) can even directly program the actions to run in C language, the controller of the device.

At the time of writing, the project has already harvested in just four days more than one third of the $ 4,653 needed for its launch, thanks to the crowdfunding platform Kicksatrter. It’s a safe bet that he will see the light of day. Rest that each of the different building kits is … horribly expensive: count $ 159 for the basic kit (15 pieces) and up to $ 499 for the most complete.