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How to Assemble a PCB Circuit Board


A printed circuit board or PCB can consist of holes through as well as SMD circuit components. PCB assembly means soldering all of these components on the board according to the circuit diagram. It is very important to have the circuit diagram handy when assembling the circuit board since misplaced or bad orientation of a single component can seriously affect the performance ...

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Best 5 Factors to consider when Buying a Wireless Keyboard


As the name suggests, the wireless keyboard is not equipped with a connection wire and can therefore be connected directly to a laptop or desktop computer via Wifi or Bluetooth. This type of keyboard has several advantages, the main one being that it is very practical and that it offers a great comfort of use. Indeed, unlike the wired keyboard that requires ...

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Wi-Fi 802.11ac (Gigabit): Best 5 Routers to play Games


At the beginning of the 802.11b (around 1999), it was certainly necessary to communicate with 11 Mb/s, but the users were not legion. The situation had changed suddenly: we have successively evolved towards 802.11g and 802.11n. The 2.4GHz band has become a gigantic congested bazaar where laptops, wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices, smart phones, tablets, Multimedia cases, TV, consoles and many other ...

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Virtual Reality – A Reality in this Lifetime?


We are currently experiencing the second wave of virtual reality.  For many reading this that may come as a surprise. While this is the first time that it appears that virtual reality will actually take off and do something worthwhile, it is not the first time that gaming companies have attempted to cash in on it.  The question is, will ...

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