CCTV Systems: 6 Tips you must read before buying CCTV System

When you are a home or business owner, you want to know that your property is safe and protected from intruders.  One way to do this is through installing a high-quality CCTV system.

Range and Coverage of CCTV’s

A great range of CCTV systems can be found to buy online, or through your local high street.  Many shops which sell CCTV have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right system for you.  It can be confusing with the wide range of CCTV cameras and kits available to know which is the right sort for you, and which will benefit your needs the greatest.


Quality of CCTV Footage

The quality of film captured on CCTV systems now is at an all-time high – we can now record in HD on most CCTV equipment, meaning you are far more likely to capture useful images and video on your device, which can be highly useful in times of burglaries or break ins when you need to see the perpetrators face.  Kits are often available with multiple cameras, from 2 to 16 cameras at a time.  This means larger buildings can be covered easily and no corners missed.

How to avoid small or poor quality CCTV systems:

Most CCTV systems are small and unobtrusive, so you can sit them without them looking too obvious.  This can be useful if you wish to quietly protect your property without drawing attention to the cameras.  Sometimes, when people see cameras positioned outside or within a building, it makes them believe there is something worth having inside, and can make the building more vulnerable to break ins!  This is not what you need, so having a small camera system installed can be better than a large, in your face system.

Main Types of CCTV’s:

There are two main types of CCTV available: wired and wireless systems.  Both have benefits and downsides, depending on your usage.  Wireless camera systems can be licence-exempt, transmitting signals up to 100 metres in line of sight.  You often cannot use 2 wireless cameras within 100 metres of each other, as they tend to use the same frequency and this can cause interference.  Wired cameras do not have any issues with interference and can be positioned a much greater distance from the monitoring equipment.

Whatever your needs are, be it at home or at a workplace, a good CCTV surveillance system can be a great way to add security and safety to your building.  The recordings can be used in criminal cases and are often the best way to seek justice when a crime has been committed on your property.