Fax as a Marketing Tool

fax marketing

The fax marketing is to use the fax as a direct channel to execute marketing plans of our company. This business action we can also find it named as fax mailing or faxing. Fax remains one of the main channels of communication between companies and this makes it a good way to get closer to our customers or potential customers, by sending them our advertising or communications of any kind.

fax marketing

Advertising by fax instead of postal mail

Traditionally one of the means most used by the companies to bring their promotions to the users was the ordinary mail, action known like postal mailing. This method, in addition to generating considerable records, was not fast or easy to measure in terms of profitability.

Thanks to the arrival of the virtual fax or Internet fax , as a formula to optimize resources comes the fax mailing. This system presents enormous advantages over many other means for those who use it, unlike postal mailing, faxing is economical, fast and allows to control and measure their direct results.

It is economical because we can design our communication and, without needing to prints it once, make it reach as many recipients as we want. The speed is not necessary to justify it, because the time of management of the postal mail with the one of fax is not affordable. We can control and measure the results thanks to the fact that now we can know with certainty who has received our offer and who has not. To all this is added the possibility of personalizing the fax for each addressee, adding the name of the company, fax number, etc.

Although all appear to be advantages, the Fax Blast can be beneficial or annoying for the receivers as we use it. The difference between positive and negative communications is that our recipient wants or does not receive our communications by fax. To improve this, we can include an email or contact fax in which, who wishes, can unsubscribe from our database of dissemination. But in spite of this, if we balance the advantages and disadvantages, the investment through the marketing by fax can generate interesting returns.

To whom will we send our faxes?

For their direct marketing campaigns, in addition to their own databases, companies can turn to online marketing platforms that provide databases of companies throughout USA with fax. In this way we can launch a campaign of fax marketing so much to increase the sales between clients, as well as to capture potential clients.