Free and Famous Android Games

Waiting a long time in an administrative department, in a doctor’s waiting room, or taking public transport are perfect situations to play. Rather than staying wisely with your arms crossed, why not start a game on your Smartphone or Android tablet. We have selected for you the best free games for Android that will accompany you in the interminable moments of waiting.

android games free

These games have, for the most part, adopted the Premium system. They offer an integrated shopping system that allows you to move faster in the game. Freedom Apk is used to create virtual credit card and gamer can buy anything while gaming. But all are playable and allow you to relax without paying a euro.


FIFA Mobile Football

A must for football enthusiasts and FIFA owners on PCs or consoles, FIFA Mobile Football allows you to find all the sensations provided by the franchise directly on your Smartphone. Always more careful, the graphics of this version testify to the evolution carried by the consoles Next Gen ‘. These improvements are also evident in the complete overhaul of the game, making it an exclusive title perfectly suited to mobile media. This results in a finer precision, more fluidity and more responsive controls, guaranteeing quality matches.

Sara is Missing

Here you have just found a phone on the floor. Highly damaged, its unusable content prevents you from immediately identifying the owner. It was without counting on the effectiveness of the artificial intelligence embarked. IRIS, of its small name, is determined to open all the necessary doors to help you find Sara, the owner of the smartphone, little by little the data you thought was lost.

Not unlike A Normal Lost Phone , Sara is Missing immerses you in the privacy of an unknown, while trying to find her to give him her phone. To accomplish your good deed, you have to peel mails and SMS, study each photo taken, view recorded videos, call the contacts one after the other, and sometimes even respond to messages from worried friends.

The Trail

Take the adventure to unknown countries in The Trail , a title combining management, simulation and role-playing. You will encamp a freshly landed explorer on unexplored lands and you set out to reach the mythical Eden Fall to settle their definitively and found your own village.

During your journey, you collect many artifacts that help you complete your missions and make new objects essential to your good progress. Well-made shoes, stone throwers, bag extensions, everything is good to improve your motivated traveler’s conditions. The road to Eden Fall is long, you need to save your energy and resources to get there safely.

Pokemon GO

Dreaming come true, Pokémon GO finally allows the generation 90 to capture Pokémon for real. Coming from the applied work of Niantic, the game takes advantage of augmented reality and maps previously used by Ingress. Your avatar is of course aiming to become the best trainer, prompting you to capture as many creatures as possible to level up. Pokémon appear randomly on the map, so it is necessary to move to find a greater variety. When the small monsters finally appear on the map, you just tap them to see them appear overlay, on the screen of your Android device.

Badland 2

On the strength of its success, Badland unveiled a second part to the height of its predecessor. Following the notorious mechanisms of the first episode, Badland 2 takes place in a dangerous forest whose soil and trees adorned with traps of all kinds will soon put you out of the game in case of repeated stupidity. There you control a small hairy and flying monster, and try to reach the edge of this enchanted wood. The intuitive controls allow you to float more or less high and, new functionality, to move to the right or the left following the direction taken by the winding paths that you follow.

Asphalt 9: Shockwave cars list – Asphalt Shockwave featured cars list


Asphalt 9 is an new racing video game, even development for release by Gameloft within the Asphalt Game series. The programmer has advised the match in the next quarter of 2017 And will present new cars into your game. The studio Gameloft declared the humorous but imitation subtitle Foolspeed using a trailer on April’s Fool Day which was published around April 4, 2016, together with images from prior games such as Asphalt 4: Elite Racing.

Asphalt Shockwave cars list

Shockwave is supposed to be the last iteration from the series. The promotional material supports updated physics and graphics for the game such as perpendicular opposite rolls down and ramp landing on bridge ramps. The idea arts imply the yield of this Los Angeles racetrack out of Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and Asphalt 7: Heat, San Francisco out of Asphalt 5, along with The Dragon’s Den out of Asphalt 8: Airborne. The tracks seem to contain more variance in other routes. Even though a cop mechanic was teased, there’s not any advice on center game mechanics, money or classification. The unreleased temperament of this game is going to bring about a additional description to be inserted shortly. However, it could be either postponed to Q4 2017.

Asphalt 9 Shockwave Cars List is among the most sought topics within this class and that is the reason because most of the gamers who’ve been playing with Asphalt 8: Airborne are currently waiting patiently to Asphalt 9 Shockwave that is rumored to be the following and final launch of this game. And on the other side it’d be more exciting to understand more about the cars along with the entire List of Cars Coming at Asphalt 9. So here we’re only providing you with the listing of cars to be found from the shockwave according to the wikia as well as the communities also which is largely correct. And in case you also need to have a look at the complete structure of this game then there’ll be wait for the very first release of this Asphalt 9 Shockwave Trailer on its own station and after that only you can have some notion about the game.

List of cars featured in Asphalt 9

Before moving ahead I need to tell you a bad thing that each one of the cars in the game is going to likely be elite, this can be according to the pre-announcements of this game that might give the game a massive fallback form the majority of the gamers. However, the New Cars at Asphalt 9 Shockwave will possibly get an elite tuning length of 10 seconds or not (it’s uncertain so cannot state anything surely concerning the elite behavior of cars and when there’ll be elite cars.)

List of cars in Asphalt 9: shockwave

  • Nissan GT-R R-35
  • ONUK Sazan LM
  • 2015 Ford Mustang
  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra
  • Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4
  • Ferrari F12berlinetta
  • Ford Mustang GT Fastback
  • McLaren 650s
  • Arrinera Hussarya
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
  • McLaren 12C Spider
  • GTA Spano
  • Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
  • Dodge SRT Viper
  • McLaren 675LT

Therefore, in case you would like to understand about all of the featured cars in Asphalt 9 cars list then you have to read this informative article up to last line since this gameloft isn’t only bringing you the entire stock of cars but you are going to be experiencing the very best games cars on earth ever. To start with there’ll likely be Bugatti Chiron at Asphalt 9 which is for certain that it is going to be in * course (*describes the maximum course in game). So it’ll be tough to get. Apart from it there are enormous opportunities that Lamborghini Centenario may even get additional to Asphalt Shockwave and you guys are definitely likely to be more in love with this beauty.

This really is Ferrari Fxx that is yet another top notch speedster with attractiveness cutting each advantage of this. However it appears like La Ferrari but instead it’s a more hp engine that will allow it to be drop in the top course. That the Asphalt 9 All Autos List isn’t readily available to start today but since you all know if you’re joined to the community then you are able to guess that what cars will look in Asphalt 9 Shockwave this season.