Gtech Voucher Codes | Insight into Coupon Marketing

Leveraging on coupons in order to increase profits and promote products is a fairly common marketing strategy nowadays. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Gtech – a UK-based supplier of high-tech home products – uses coupons to build affiliate relationships, track loyal customers and more.

Coupons in Digital Marketing

Coupon marketing, as a term, was coined in 1980; however, the practice itself has deeper roots than that. The first money-off coupon issued in the United States was offered way back in 1895 by C. W. Post, a famous cereal manufacturer. Naturally, it was a paper coupon. In today’s online shopping era, digital coupons – much like those offered by – have proven to be far more popular with customers.

Some recent studies tell us that consumers in UK and Ireland have saved over £1 billion since the invention of voucher codes. Not bad for a simple copy/paste process at checkout.

Using Gtech discount codes as an example, here are some of the many reasons coupons can be used for:

Increase website traffic.More than anything else, Gtech views its coupons as a vehicle for improving sales. Couponing is one of the best ways to connect existing clients with brands they’re interested in. Gtech voucher codesare used in conjunction with email marketing and social media marketing. Following this method, coupons are focused around a single product or service over a limited period of time. For example, £100 off Gtech lawnmower for a period of a week.Though the codes are used to create a short-term traffic increase visitors tend to buy more than just the lawnmower.

Increase Conversions for Email Opt-Ins. Gtech gets its best coupons conversions from an eye-catching front page tab labelled “Get Discount Coupon.” If you click on it, an email opt-in page pops up. Once customers submit the necessary information, they will receive their discount coupon via email. Likewise coupons can be used to increase Instagram followers or Facebook followers.

Measuring Response of Audience. Since digitalcodes can be easily tracked in the buying process, it’s no surprise that Gtech considers voucher codes to be an integral part of its marketing program. With the codes, it’s easy to see which customer redeemed the coupon, what product the coupon was used for and where the coupon was found. So assuming Gtech are running a Facebook and an Instagram campaign this weekend and the use a different promotional code in each platform. By the end of the promotion, Gtech will have very useful data generated in regards to which of the two audiences is more responsive.

Before the Internet era, coupons were strictly paper certificates of redemption. Today, they’ve been mostly replaced with digital coupons like the ones offered by Gtech. It’s not hard to see why, as digital coupons provide marketers with so many ways to get creative. Coupons can be marketed in tweets, published on Facebook, distributed in newsletters and more. Even more importantly, customers have gotten used to them. If you’ve been looking into ways to increase website visits and improve sales, adapting traditional paper couponing tactics to digital fashion should be something you should consider.