Print Books Vs ebooks

Who doesn’t love the smell of a brand new book? The aroma of the ink on the pages combined with the glue on the binding can make your heart skip a beat or two. But will these bookstore experiences one day come to an end? With the advancements of computer technology complemented with almost everyone having a digital reader or access to one will real books that you hold in your hand one day become a thing of the past? According to an article by BBC Future, e-books were predicted in the 90’s to one day take over. With the recent overwhelming boost in ebook sales could that prediction be coming true after all? Are printed book becoming a thing of the past? While printed books are still favored over reading in ebook format could ebooks still, one day, replace printed books as the readers choice? After all, you can store a lot more books on a reader and take them with you than you can on your bookshelf which of course, you can not easily travel with.


Another thing to consider when deciding if you prefer digital books over printed books is the price. According to an article put out by Forbes publishers can not really charge as much as they use to charge for a book in an industry such as where ebooks thrive because many of those applications and ebooks are either free or really cheap. The article goes on to say that places such as Amazon have also eliminated the impulse to buy more than one book because with digital, you buy just the one you are looking for and are not browsing the bookshelves where you end up buying more than you originally went in for.

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