Steven Wyer | Google Posts New Tool for Business Owners

Forget Facebook. Business owners now have a new tool through Google My Business to post events and special offers, according to digital marketing expert Steven Wyer. Here is what Wyer had to say about the new feature, which launched in 2016.

Q: What type of information should business offer through Google Posts?

 Steven Wyer: I believe that it’s most useful to highlight sales, events, and promotions. Posting random keywords doesn’t have an impact, so make sure the post is relevant.

Q: What are the image size guidelines?

 Steven Wyer: Images smaller than 250 x 250 won’t be accepted. The best size is 750 x 750.

Q: Why should images be center-weighted?

 Steven Wyer: Center-weighted images reduce the likelihood of inconvenient (and embarrassing) cropping. For instance, a realtor creating a post using their headshot would want to ensure that image was center-weighted so their head was left intact – poorly cropped images do not look professional and may be a turnoff to some searchers.

Q: What is special about the first 100 characters in each post?

 Steven Wyer: The first 100 characters are what the searcher sees. Try to come up with a first sentence that is captivating and works within this character count. For example: “50% Sale through Saturday” or “Silver Fidget Spinners Now in Stock. Only 25 Available.”

Q: Do multiple posts show concurrently?

Steven Wyer: Only one post is highlighted but previous posts are available in carousel format.

Q: Can individual posts be shared?

 Steven Wyer: Yes! Each post has its own unique URL, though these URLs are not indexed.

Q: How long do posts stay active?

 Steven Wyer: Typical posts remain active for seven days, so there is a lot of opportunity to create fresh content for customers. Event posts are slightly different and only expire once the event has passed.

Q: Are Google Posts available for all businesses?

 Steven Wyer: As far as I know, the only industry that doesn’t qualify for posts are those listed under the “hotel” category. Hopefully, that will change as hotels are often used as a venue for many exciting events and community activities.

Q: Can I upload video and GIFS?

Steven Wyer: No, only text and images.

Q: How many previous posts will scroll through the carousel?

 Steven Wyer: The carousel will scroll 10 post at maximum. Only the first two are seen fully without scrolling.

Q: What is the difference between a Google Plus post and the new Knowledge Panel post?

 Steven Wyer: Google Plus Posts are assigned unique URLs that get indexed by Google