The advantages of HD CCTV Cameras


Closed Circuit Television Systems or CCTV Camera Systems, use mounted cameras as a means of monitoring for homes, businesses and other public places. High Definition cameras take this technology to the next level, offering high resolution cameras that produce better image quality and clearer images. Based on technology originally designed for use in HD broadcast television programs, HD CCTV cameras bring the strong, clear picture quality associated with high definition, more convenient daily use.

Better Pictures

The image sensor contained in an HD CCTV camera provides better megapixel resolution, resulting in images that are less pixilated and polyhedral than those taken by analog video surveillance cameras. This sensor also provides a wider field of view and, combined with improved clarity, provides a superior image for better monitoring. A lighter picture allows for additional zooming or cropping later — a useful feature for criminal investigations cases.

Faster Transmission

Analogue CCTV cameras must compress the data before transmitting them to the recording and recording apparatus, because of the amount of information gathered. HD CCTV camera technology suffers no limitation, which means that the picture you see on the connected monitor reflects exactly what the camera sees at that moment. This allows faster response and response to emergencies.

Quicker control

Camera settings in analog CCTV cameras suffer from a delay in reaction due to the relatively slow transmission speed between the camera and the control panel. Because CCTV HD cameras signal everything in real time, any adjustment the camera operator makes to the position of the camera records without delay. The camera gets tilted and zoomed immediately, allowing the operator to focus on suspicious activity or individuals.

Easy Integration

In addition to the advantages and upgrades HD CCTV cameras offer security and monitoring systems, integrating them into already established systems does not require a complete overhaul. Simply replace the desired analog cameras with HD models and improve the recording device to reflect the increased quality and resolution the new cameras offer. Replacing some analog cameras at once allows a gradual transition to the new system, making it easier on your budget to get better surveillance.