Toner cheap 10 manufacturing steps

The cheap toner has been designed for use with laser printers. It has several advantages over the single ink cartridge. The most important is in my opinion the lack of burrs when printing. This is due to its printing accuracy. That said, inkjet printers offer very good results for prints made in the private domain.












The various stages of manufacture of cheap toner

The manufacture of cheap toner can be dissected into 10 specific steps:

  1. All cartridges are sorted and cataloged in order to keep those with a level of premium quality.
  2. All parts of the raw materials are carefully checked before being used in production. This is done to meet the standards set for manufacturing toners.
  3. Packaging materials, hoppers (pyramidal reservoirs) and offensive compounds are considered carefully dismantled and recycled.
  4. The cleaning is carried out through a steam-leading process. It removes dried ink deposits.
  5. The filling of the toner  is done automatically with ink of premium quality to the specified weight.
  6. The sealing of each cheap brother toner is performed with a seal similar in all respects to the original seal.
  7. The assembly includes installing a pre-qualified drum, a blade, a cleaning roller, a PCR (primary charging rollers), and a magnetic roller. Up to 75% new material can be used.
  8. Each toner undergoes a standard test print.
  9. The toners are inspected one last time before being packed. They are then cleaned, fussed and heat sealed in a plastic bag and stored in cardboard boxes.
  10. A dedicated specialist is assigned to each stage of manufacture to maintain a consistent level of quality. Each stage undergoes regular inspections and technical controls.
  1. Who knew that making a simple inexpensive toner required many steps and attention? You will surely look your toner with other eyes.