Top Speakers for Techies Who Love To Party

There’s nothing worse than knowing you need to buy a new product, but also knowing that you’re going to have to do extensive research to decide what exactly to get. We’ve all experienced this- a piece of expensive equipment breaks, so it needs to be replaced, but we don’t know what brand to buy or even the specifics of what we are looking for. When this happens with your speaker, the good news is that there are so many options. In fact, if you had your old speaker for so long that it stopped working, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your model. We have done all of the research for you and compiled a list of the top speakers for people who love to party! The speakers on our list are the sleekest, most unique speakers that we could find! Technology evolves at a rapid pace and every year, new products go on the market. The speakers on this list were chosen because they are the most interesting speakers that we came across. Although there are speakers available at every price point, we recommend investing in a high-end speaker if you want a speaker that looks and sounds better than the rest.

  1. Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth


You can tell a high-end speaker when you see it because it will most likely be portable and have bluetooth capabilities. This Sony speaker is no exception. If you like your speakers sleek with the ability to make your entire arm vibrate with sound just by touching them, then this is definitely the speaker for you.

          2. EMB PRO PKL600BK 10” Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Trolley


This EMB Pro speaker is unique because it is both portable and rechargeable. Like the first speaker, it has bluetooth capabilities but it also has ports for your USB and SD player to plug in. With flashing LED lights, and the ability to take this speaker anywhere with you, you’ll be the real life of the party!

3. The Big Boy Bluetooth Bass Speaker


If you’re a fan of high-quality sound, futuristic design and bright colors, you’ll love this Big Boy Bluetooth Bass Speaker. This speaker is both affordable and high-quality, which is a rare combination. What you can’t tell from the picture is that this speaker displays a colorful light show display that can turn any hang out into a full blown party in no time! It has a port for your AUX cable and even has a built-in FM radio for the times when you can’t pick a song but want to party to some good tunes!

4. TUNES2GO CA-E065O KoolMAX Bluetooth Speaker


Not only is the KoolMAX Bluetooth Speaker a portable speaker, but it is also a cooler! Is there a better combination? This bright speaker is perfect for the days when you want to go to the beach or the park for a summer picnic, but don’t want to play music softly from your phone. This speaker is easy to transport and can play any tune that your heart desires while also keeping your drinks cool!

5. 808 HEX ENCORE XL Wireless Bluetooth Tower Speaker with Microphone

If you’re looking for a large speaker that you can show off at a party, then this might be the perfect choice for you. Don’t worry if it looks too big to transport because its built-in wheels mean that it’s incredibly easy to bring this speaker with you to any location. It features a Quad speaker system with 5 band EQ as well as the ability to play music from your Bluetooth, SD card, Aux-in, USB or FM radio.

6. CedarsLink 12″ 1,000 Watt Amplified Loudspeaker

Unlike the other speakers, this CedarsLink Loudspeaker comes with two wireless microphones so not only can you listen to your favorite song, but you can sing along, too, with karaoke! It allows you to stream music wirelessly through bluetooth and is rechargeable so you never have to worry about it running out of battery!

7. The Boom Barrel Bluetooth Speaker

The Boom Barrel Bluetooth Speaker has a modern design and powerful sound while being incredibly easy to transport. This speaker can get so loud that you’re ears will still be ringing for hours after and the sound it transmits is crystal clear. It is easily the most portable speaker on the list and features possibly the most unique speaker design on the list. There are two full frequency speakers and one high powered woofer built into this speaker, which means you can hear your music from as far as 600 feet away!

8. VersionTech Mini LED Colorful Wireless Stereo Ball Speakers with Remote Control

This wireless VersionTech Mini LED speaker is absolutely mesmerizing! Not only is it lightweight, but it features a built-in 8 color light display that will change colors to the rhythm of your music. This feature is fascinating because it means that when your music is slow, the lights will respond accordingly, but when you’re listening to a real banger, the rainbow light display will flash like crazy! This speaker can set the party mood at any get-together and can connect with any bluetooth-enabled device.

9. Superasonic Bluetooth Plasma Portable Speaker

If you’re looking for a speaker that can combine your love of lava lamps with high quality sound, then the Superasonic Bluetooth Plasma Portable Speaker will be your favorite speaker on this list. Like the speaker above, this Superasonic speaker has a light display that changes with the music, but with this product, this lights look like plasma. Many  speakers nowadays have some type of light display, so if you really want to impress your friends with your speaker, you need to find one that’s unique.

10. ZoeeTree S3 Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth V4.2 Stereo Subwoofer


The Zoee Tree S3 Subwoofer is by far the classiest speaker on this list. If your style is sleek and sophisticated, this speaker will match with you perfectly. It features HD sound and bass, along with a dual-driver speakerphone and microphone. The Zoee Tree S3 Subwoofer has multiple functions, but most importantly, it features high-end low-impedance speakers that make your sound louder than the rest.

11. Mbuynow Portable Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Karaoke Player with Built-in Speaker

The last speaker on our “top speakers for techies who love to party” list is the Mbuynow Karaoke Player with Built-In Speaker. This speaker is actually a handheld and portable microphone designed for use with karaoke, but it doubles as a speaker! You can rock out to all of your favorite tunes with this quirky speaker.


If you’re in the market for a new speaker and love to party, you really can’t go wrong with any of these speakers. They all have different features that make them completely unique, so pick the one that has everything that you’re looking for. We know that it might be hard to pick just one, but we’re confident that you’ll find the speaker of your dreams!